3 hours ago
This week, students from the Fashion & Interior Design programmes attended an Erasmus+ Information Session at GTI as part of @CollegeAware week. Six students will be selected to travel to Tenerife in February to work on the Tenerife Carnival. Such a fantastic learning experience. https://t.co/whrnrCbaQ1 GTIGALWAY photo
23 hours ago
Today GTI Beauty and Body Therapies students held a fundraiser for Galway Autism Partnership, as part of College Awareness Week. The students provided facials & beauty treatments in GTI's Poise Salon, with all proceeds being donated to GAP.Well done to all involved. #CollegeAware https://t.co/8KmOtiRq9v GTIGALWAY photo
1 day ago
GTI Legal, & Security students visited Dáil Éireann, & The Seanad today to learn about the Irish judicial system. The visit included applied learning activities, including a mock trial at the Criminal Courts of Justice. A fantastic hands on learning experience.⚖️ #GRETB #Galway https://t.co/thrQn3R6Wy GTIGALWAY photo
2 days ago
The ECOC 2020 team visited GTI this week to chat with our students about volunteering for the opening ceremony of Galway 2020. A fantastic opportunity for our students to meet with the team, & discuss the benefits of volunteering & learning from talented designers and performers. https://t.co/WGtAwRsu6u GTIGALWAY photo
4 days ago
Great to see the GTI connection with the @GalwayUnitedFC Academy for 2020. GTI Sports teachers Johnny Glynn, @Mcmorrowbrian, along with GTI graduates & coaching staff -Jason Murphy, Phil Trill & Derek O'Sullivan, all playing an important role in developing players for the future. https://t.co/HfZ7DsFcKG GTIGALWAY photo
4 days ago
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