Sean Mathieson 

Name: Sean Mathieson 

I’m 21 years old and I’m a music student in GTI. I’m from Galway, and I’ve always loved music. Both playing it and listening to it. I played the trumpet since I was 8 and I started playing the piano when I was around 15. My favourite artists would be Lorde, Bleachers, BORNS, Frank Ocean and Janelle Monae. But I like a bit of everything to be honest ! 

Show Name: Throwbacks @ 12  

Description: All your favourite classics and the stories behind them ! We’ll be diving in to some of the biggest hits of the last 50 years from the Beatles to Madonna, ABBA to Lady Gaga! We’ll also be sharing some of the stories behind these iconic songs, what the songs meant to them, and why the songs remain so beloved after all these years! So tune in every afternoon at 12 for some lunchtime bangers, banter and nostalgia!  

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